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During the World War II one of the basic changes in the US military bases was the construction of emergency hangars in case of sudden attack.

Одним из немаловажных перемен в военных базах США во время Второй Мировой Войны была разработка конструкции ангаров для срочного вылета в случае внезапной атаки.

There is no corresponding word in Russian military system for emergency hangar therefore we had to make use of supplementation.

Thus, we have come to conclusion that the above mentioned changes are necessary while processing a translation of Political literature from English into Russian.

While discussing the lexical problems of translation we considered lexical-semantic features of both languages and investigated such cases as difference in word volume, word combinability, generally accepted tradition of word usage, we have also considered contextual meaning of words in the process of translation. In addition we investigated the emotional coloring that plays an important role while processing a translation of Political Literature. We have studied the translation of international words and unexpected usage of word combinability that makes the translation task harder.

A very interesting contextual meaning of exploitation was in the following example:

Britain’s worldwide exploitation was shaken to the roots by Colonial Liberation Movements.

The contextual meaning of the word originated metonymically – any colonial system lives on exploitation, which is the basis of colonial power. The corresponding Russian эксплуатация can not be used in this contextual meaning, the contextual surroundings of exploitation (worldwide, shaken to the roots) also prevents it. The only possible variant of translation is by means of metonymic transposition – substitution:

Колониальное могущество Англии было подорвано (потрясено до основания) национально-освободительным движением во всех колониях.

The use of words of abstract meaning strongly differs in various languages. Therefore arises the necessity of concrete definition in translating.

The Saigon regime used every form of pressure and violence to compel a reluctant electorate to go to the polls.

Сайгонский режим прибегал ко всем видам давления и насилия, чтобы заставить упрямых избирателей принять участие в выборах.

In the study of stylistic transformation during translation we found, that the repetition is widely used with stylistic purposes in newspaper publicity. In these cases the translator is compelled to apply stylistic changes, make substitution or omission.

A policy of see no stagnation, hear no stagnation, speak no stagnation has had too long a run for our money.

Слишком долго мы расплачиваемся за политику пол­ного игнорирования и замалчивания застоя в нашей эко­номике.

The triple repetition of no stagnation has been omitted in translation, though is partially compensated by the use of synonymic pair at a word (stagnation), but neutralization is evident in translation. The neutralization happened when translating the phraseological unit to have (too long) a run for our money.

Still, studying the difficulties of translation of Political literature we have come to conclusion that the most difficulty to a translator represent set expressions and phraseological units that are widely used in American and English politics. In most cases we do not have corresponding notions in Russian or have some words that do not sufficiently cover the whole meaning of the word in question: for example:

The Cold War last for more than forty years.

Холодная война длилась более сорока лет.

In this case we used word for word (verbatim) translation for we do not have any words that would convey the sense the Americans put in this expression.

Therefore a translator, majoring in the translation of Politics should have a good command not only of English itself, but should know the principles of International politics and other Political sciences.

To wind up this discourse, we would like to remind you, that while our country is rapidly integrating into the International community, the need of highly experienced translators of Political literature will be evident to make the International Events easily accessible to general public.


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