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meat and two veg. male genitalia

mind your P's and Q's to be careful; to be polite

moggy cat

mom`s the word it's a secret between you and me

can be abbreviated to "Keep mom !"

money for jam an easy job

money for old rope an easy job

mother's ruin gin

mucker mate, friend

mucky pup someone who has soiled themselves

e.g. "You mucky pup !"

mug face

mutton chops side whiskers

nancy boy an effeminate male

nark a police informer

nightie a nightdress

nick prison; to steal

e.g "Hey, my bike's been nicked !"

nick, the prison

nincompoop a fool

nipper a young or small child

nippy (1) fast, or (2) cold

e.g. (1) "that car is nippy !"

e.g. (2) "it's nippy out today"

nix nothing

none too easy very difficult

e.g. "that exam was none too easy !"

nosey parker somebody who is nosey

not bad very good

not so hot not very good, awful

old man father

old girl mother

old lady mother

one in the oven pregnant, also "a bun in the oven",

"up the plum duff" and "in the pudding club"

on spec on chance

on the nod on credit

on the razzle dressed up and looking for sex

on the tap looking for sex

on your bike! go away!

out for a duck obtained a zero score

Paddy an Irishman

paralitic to be drunk

pavement sidewalk

pictures, the the cinema

pick-me-up a tonic

pie eyed to be drunk

pigs, the police

pigs breakfast a mess

pigs ear a mess

pig in muck somebody in their element

e.g. "he is as happy as a pig in muck"

pillock an insult

pinny apron

pissed drunk

pissed off to be annoyed

e.g. "I was pissed off !"

e.g. "He really pissed me off !"

The US replace "pissed off" with "pissed" alone.

piss head somebody who is drunk quite often

plastered drunk

e.g. "He's plastered !"

play hookey to play truant

plimpsolls childrens non-laced sneakers

plod police man/woman

plonk cheap wine

e.g. "This plonk's not bad !"

plonker (1) penis, (2) fool

e.g. "you silly plonker !"

plus fours trousers

ponce a homosexual

pong a bad smell

pooh pooh to reject an idea

e.g. "He pooh pooh'd my idea !"

pools, the a weekly betting game based on the outcome

of soccer matches; run by Vernons and

Littlewoods (and possibly others)

pratt an insult

e.g. "you stupid pratt !"

preggers pregnant

pudding dessert

pull a bird meet a woman; pick up a girl

quite often shortened to 'pull'

e.g. "Did you pull ?"

pull a fast one to fool or swindle somebody

pull a pint hand pump beer into a glass

pull a stroke to outsmart

pull the other one I don't believe you

short form of "pull the other one, it has

bells on"

pull your pud to masterbate

pumps running shoes

punter a customer

purse a ladies wallet

put a sock in it to be quiet

put the anchors on to apply the brakes; to slow down

put the boot in to beat somebody up

put the kibosh on to put a stop to something

put the wind up to scare

Queer Street where you are if you don't have

any money

quiff a fancy hairstyle

randy horny

rave up a good party

readies cash

ropey flaky or dodgey

rozzer policeman

rug a wig; a toupee

rubbed the wrong way to upset somebody

salt a sailor

same to you with brass usually said in response to a derogatory

knobs on !! remark

sarnie a sandwich

scab a strike breaker

scallywag a mischevious person

scarper to run away fast, possibly avoiding


Scouser a native of Liverpool (see also Liverpudlian)

scrap a fight

scrubber a cheap or loose woman

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