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Family. In my opinion family is one of the most imprtant things in our life. Almoust all our life we live within a family. My family isn’t very large, it consits of . Also we have a dog, called Jack. My father is 45 years old. He is an engineer. He works in the office of an American engineering company. He is always busy. He has very little free time. In my opinion he is a handsome man of medium height & strong build with a bronzed face. His dark brown hairs is just begining to go grey. My mother is 42 years old but she is very pleasant looking woman. She is an engineer too. By character my father is a quet man while my mother is an energetic & active. My sister’s name is Katya. She is 24 years old. Like mother Katya has blue eyes & fair hair. My sister looks attractive I can say that she is charming. My name is Alexandra, Sasha for short. I’m a pupil of the 9th grade. I’m well at schhol & get only good & exelent marks. My favorite subject is chemistry & I want to pass it on exem. In future I want to be a dantist. My family is very united. We like to spend time together. In the evenings we watch TV read books listen to the music or just talk about the events of the day Y-S… Y-S is situated in the broad & beautiful valley of the Susuya R. In the coast the city is enclosed by the Susunay m, in the west it is surrounded by the Mitsulsky Ridge. In the suburbs of Y-S Chekov Peak & Bolshevic m. are situated. Y-S is a modern city with the population of about 170 thousand people. There are some plants & factories in it. Y-S is a cultural centre. There are many schools, colleges, cinema-houses & libraries in it. The museum of Local lore… The house of was built in 1937 by the Jap. It is an unique example of the J, architecture. The park…The tourist center G.V. is situated on the slopes of the Bolsh.M. It’s the point to get a good view of Y-S. Victory Sq… The monuments to… are situated in tree public garden along Sakh. Street. They remind of those who were the 1st to explore S. There is a m. to Checkov in front of the Regional library. In 1890 he visited S. & write a book about it.

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