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Russia. R. Is our motherland. It is one of the largest countries in the world. It’s area is about 17 mln. sq. kms. More than 150 million people of different nationalities live in R.In thewestR.bordersonFinland, Ukrain, Byelarus, Moldova & Baltic states. In the south it borders on Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China & the Korean people republic. The Artic ocean & the Baltic sea wash the country in the north, in the east it is washed by the Pacific ocean. The Urals divide R. into the European & Asian sections. The Asian section includes Siberia & the Far East. The Volga is the largest R-an river, which flows in the European part of the country. The longest river in the Asian part is the Lena. The deepest lake in Asia & in Europe is lake Baikal. It is the largest fresh water lake in the world. The country has an extremely varied climate. The duration of winter & summer vary in different regions. Most of the R-an territory is flat but it is mountains in the east. R. is rich in natural resources. It has large reserve of oil, n. Gas, coal, iron, gold, silver & other minerals. M. Is the capital of R. Russia is a parlamentary republic. Head of state in our country is a president. The Government consists of 3 branches: legislative, executive & judicial, The leg. Power is exersid by the Federal Assembly, which consists of 2 ch3mbers: the council of fderation & the state duma. The executive power belongs to the government. The judical power belongs to the system of courts.

My close friend. Acording to Oxford dictionary the word friendship means the relationship between 2 or more people. I should say this relationship is based on natural respect, common interests & tastes, common hobbies. A friend is a person with whom you may be sencire before him you can think aloud. I’ve got a friend too. Her name is Ann. We got acquanted 5 years ago & since there we have never parted. Ann looks ayyractive ican say that she is charming. She has slender neck & holds her head high. This girl wears her flaxen hear short, Her face is angular delicate features. Her nose is snub & her lips are full & well-cut. She has striking big blue eyes. We are of the same ages & have much in common. We have common interests, common points of views, common hobbies & tastes but we are different in character. Ann is modest devoted & sincere. I trust her& she trusts me. She has good manners & is attentive to other people. We help each other in difficult situations. Ann is resposible for her words & actions & never forgets to keep her promise. I can rely on my friend in any situation. I appriciate such qualities of Ann’s character as frankness, sincerity, thoghtfullness, kindness & generosity. Our parents approve our friendship. I often visit Ann’s family & admire how friendly they are. I like the warm atmosphere which exists in their family. My friend feels affection for her parents & love them tenderly. To tell the truth I can’t imagine my life without my friend Ann.

FamilyRelations. The family trdition is lost for a lot of people. & it is one of the reasons why most of people have no sence of family honour & pride. A group of people who have the same name & sit together in front of a TV set is not yet a family. Every year more then 1 mln. Families break up. Many young families have material difficulties. As a result young couples often have to rely on the assistance of their parents. The housing shortage is another problem of many young families. Most young people don’t wish to live together with their parents after they got married but about half of them have to do this. As a result these young people have no necessary experience in family life. They don’t know: how to run a household, how to manage the family budget, how to bring up children. The revival of the family should start with the restoration of its traditions. In my opinion family is one of the most imprtant things in our life. Almoust all our life we live within a family. My family isn’t very large, it consits of . My father is very kind, but sometimes strict. My mother is very busy she works a lot. She is very communicable & energetic woman. My sister is very witty with good sence of humor. I like to spend my free time with her. But I know that a lot of families have problems. I think that people can hope with these problems if the family is friendly. If, members of the family help & support each other.

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