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English. Language belongs to each of us. Every one uses words. There are not less than 3 thousand living languages on our planet. The interest to foreign languages has greatly increased in recent years. There are many reasons why people undertake the study of foreign language. More than 750 million people all over the world use English. English is the main language of business. So it is for sport: the official language of the Olympics. Sometimes English is a computer language. I think it is one of the richest language. I have been learning Eng. For almost 7 years. I learn eng for half an hour 6 times a week. English grammar isn’t very difficult. I think we should understand it & all will be O.K. I know that grammar is a foundation of any language. One of the problems for learners of eng is phrasal verbs. I have problems learning new words & idioms. I think idioms are very difficult too. I know the English intonation is awful. I mean, I think it is the most difficult part of pronanciation, because if you get it wrong people think you’re rude. I find reading very helpful for people who just beginning to learn eng. People should… & other periodicals. If they want to know eng they can listening to pop music, but people must know that some songs have such silly words.

Learning a foreign language isn’t a easy thing. It is a long & slow process that takes a lot of time & efforts. I hope that my future will be connect with English.


Sakhalin is the biggest island in R. S is situated close to the eastern coast of Asian mainland. It stretches from north to south. The island is 948kms long. In the north & in the east S is washed by the cold waters of the sea of Okhotsk. In the west & south-west the island is washed by the warm sea of J. S is separated from the mainland by the Tatar strait & the Nev. Channel. The surface of it’s territory is covered with middle mountains. In the eastern part of the island Zap-s mountains are situated. The highest mountain is mountain Lopatina. It is 1609 m high. In the suburbs of Y-S Chekov peak is situated. The largest lowlands are the S. & M lowlands. The climate in S is monsoon. It is characterized by cold winters & cool rainy summers. About a hundred cyclones pass over the island annually bringing with them winds & cloudy weather with precipitation. The typhoons bring to S strong winds & heavy precipitation. The warmest part of the island is it southwestern coast. In the north the climate is severe. Forests cover 2- thirds of the S territory. Wide variety of animals inhabits S. Marine fauna is especially variet. S is rich in natural & mineral resources. S can literatury called a treasure island. In fact almost all the elements of Medeleev’s Periodic Table can be found in its depths & the island & its surrounding coastal shelf are also rich in oil & natural gas as well as coal. Ecology problems: using of coal makes, the pollution of air; cutting forests has an influence on spanning rivers; problems deal with transporting oil.

SCHOOL. I’m a citizen of R & have the right to education which is guaranted by the constitution & enshured by the broad development of compulsory secondary education vocational specialized secondary & higher education. I started school at the age of 7. It is a specialized English school. It became a gymnasium a year ago. The primary school curriculum included R. M. E. Dr. M. Pt & Nature lessons. Schools in R. are generally controlled by the government. Recently they got some independence. Now each school is free to choose subjects to be taught beyond a core curriculum. So we have History & comp. Prog. lessons from the 5th form in our school. There is no uniform now. Classes last 40 min. As a rule pupils go to school 6 times a week. After 3 years of primary school classes I went on to secondary school. Primary & secondary school together comprise 11 years of study. 9years of classes are compulsory. At school we have classes in R, L, M, B, G, Physics, Ch, E, H, C-pr, PT lessons. My favorite subject is English. Our school is 3-storied building. On the ground floor there are administrative offices, workshops, a canteen, a home economies room, comp classes, a cloakroom. On the 1st floor there are a large assembly hall, a gym, classes of primary school. On the 2nd floor there are P, Ch & biology labs. We usually have a lot of homework & it take me several hours to do it. I like my class. I always feel at home here. I am on good terms with my class masters & we often spend our free time together. I want to say that after the 9th form I must take 5 examinations in… But to enter a university it is necessary to study 2 years more & take 6 examinations on fishining the 11th form.

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