Career in hotel industry

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I. Introduction

II. The hotel complex as an object of the management

1. The main services of the hotel.

2. Classification of the hotels.

3. The peculiarites of the hotel service.

III. The structure of the management in the lodging industry.

IV. The main methods of the management of the hospitality business.

V. The manager’s role in the lodging industry. Manager’s functions and operations.

VI. Decision-making – key of manager career.

VII. The role of the communication in the manager’s career.

VIII. The management of time.

IX. Where one can begin the manager’s career.

X. Conclusion.

I. Our society is made up of all kinds of organizations, such as companies, government, departments, unions, hospitals, schools and the like. They are essential to our existence, helping to create our standard of living and our quality of life. In all these organizations, there are people carrying out the work of a manager. The role of the manager is particularly significant in such social sphere as the lodging industry.

The lodging industry is the most important element of the social sphere. It plays the leading part in the increase of the public production and accordingly in the uplifting of living standards.

II. One can designate the hotel as an enterprise rendering service to the people, which are out of doors. The service of the placing and the nourishment is the leading one at the hotel.

1) The hotel apartments are the basic element of the placing service. They are intended for the rest, sleeping and work of the guests. In additional the placing service includes the service, which is done by the personal of the hotel. These are reception and official registration of the guests, cleaning the rooms and others.

The nourishment consists of different processes:

· process of production (preparation of dishes),

· trade process (sale of the food products),

· service process (service of the guests by the waiters at the restaurant, in the rooms).

The additional service includes swimming-pools, conference halls, hair-dresser’s, massage-room and many other things. The hotel is distinguished by the additional service among other hotels.

Therefore this service is very important by the forming of the attractiveness of the hotel.

Among the main services of the hotel one can also distinguish the reserving the place, the facilities, the receiving and the service of the exploitation of the apartment fund.

2) The service of the nourishment, the placing service and the additional service are formed different at the hotels. And so one can designate several types of the hotels.

The first class hotels are usually situated in the center of the city. The skilled staff ensures the high level of the service. The clients of this kind of the hotel are businessmen, participants of the conferences and other rich men.

The health-resort hotel is situated in the health-resort country. It includes the medical service and the dietary nourishment.

The motel is located near the motor roads and in the suburbs. The clients of the motel are tourists, particularly motor tourers.

The middle class hotels render the broad service. The prizes depend on the situation of the hotel. The leading types of the hotels are the business and health-resort ones, because 50% of the journeys are made with business purpose, and holiday are treatment purpose determines 40% of the journeys.

The hotels are classified by the level of the comfort, the capacity of the hotel, the purpose of the hotel, the situation of the hotel, the duration of the work, the providing with the nourishment, the duration of the stay at the hotel, the level of the prices.

3) The peculiarities of the hotel service are:

1) The processes of the production and the consumption are not synchronous. This means that several kinds of service do not connect with the presence of the client (cleaning the rooms).

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