The Khabarovsk territory

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Motor Transport and Roads

The general purpose motor transport of the Territory carry annually about 13,1 mln tons of cargo and over 260 mln of passengers . There are 21 motor transport enterprises including 6 passenger enterprises integrated into Association "Khabarovskavtotrans."

The network of motor road is weakly developed and is concen - trated primarily in the soutern are of the Territory . The cities of Sovetskaya Gavan and Nikolaevsk-on-Amur have no motor road connection with territorial centre - Khabarovsk . The total length of motor roads is 12,2 thd km , including 6,6 thd km of inner secondary roads .

The length of general purpose motor roads is 4,3 thd km , including 3,2 thd km of hard-surface roads . Main trunk roads include : the roads of federalsignificance - "Amur" (Chita-Khabarovsk) and "Ussuri" (Khabarovsk-Vladivostok) and Khabarovsk- -Komsomolsk-on-Amur with bridge crossing Amur river near Komsomolsk,and Khabarovsk-Birobidzhan .


The main types of communication in the Khabarovsk Therritory are mail,and telephone communication . Telex and telefax are now widely used . It is planned to establish a centre of international communication in Khabarovsk .

Stations of international satellite communication : Russian- American joint venture "Daltelecom-International" , Russia - Japan joint venture "Vostoktelecom" and join-stock company "Vostok- Infocosmos" with going out for Korea,Japan,China and other countries have been put into service . In 1993-1995 an automatic telephone station for 41 thd customer telephone numbers is to be put into service . The number of telephones per 100 families in cities is 30,2 , in the countryside - 23,7 .

TV broadcasting will be further developed in the Therritory . TV broadcasting (three and more) programmes make up 69,6 % . Publisher: International Information Agency "Inform-Ethnos". Addres:Volochaevskaya St.71,Khabarovsk,680020,Russian Federation, tel.(4212)215-968 6

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