The Khabarovsk territory

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River Transport

The total length of the navigable inner waterays in the Territory is 3,2 thd km (rivers Amur,Ussuri,Amgun,Tungusska,Maya).

The major part of cargo turnover is done by large ports of Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Mixed river-sea-going ships carry cargo by direct waterways from the Amur river ports to the north of the Territory and to the Sakhalin and Amurskaya Regions,and to the seashore destination points in the Primorski Territory and the Magadan Region .

The Amur river has also turned out to be a large international transportation artery . In 1992 the ships of the Amur Shipping Company carried to and backhauled from the Japanese ports 314 thd tons of commercial cargo , to and from the Chinese ports-78 thd tons , and to and from the Korean ports-40 thd tons.The Company's vessels carry sand,timber,fertilizers and construction material for export , while equipment and machinery,refrigerating chambers,consumer goods and foodstuffs are brought back as import goods . The Amur Sipping Company has recently expanded the geography of its outward voyages . The ports of Poyarcovo,Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and the port station of Nizhneleninskoye have been additionally opened to be visited by the Chinese ships, while the Chinese side has opened the ports of Cene,Fuijin,Jiamusi,Harbin .

The mixed river-sea-going ships belonging to the Amur Shipping Company have blazed new trails to Shanghhai,Singapore,Hong-Kong as well as to the South-Korean ports of Pusan and Inchon.In future it is planed to arrange through traffic of commercial cargo from Japan and the Republic of Korea to the North - Eastern China using waterways of the Amur and Sungary to this end.A boat trip for foreign tourists and businessmen from Khabarovsk down to the mouth of the Amur river (the city of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur ) is also to be provided for .

Marine Transport

The main sea-port of the Khabarovsk Territory is the port of Vanino . As for the cargo turnover (exceeding annually 10 mln tons) the port Vanino takes the third place among the sea-ports of the Russian Far East . Every year 3,5 thd ships and 170 thd railway cars are processed at the port . In the port there is a complex of loading on processing large capacity contaners - 500 thd t annually . The sea railway ferry Vanino- Kholmsk is a part of Vanino port .The year round operation of the port is ensured by the ice-breaker fleet . Construction of the transshipment centre to handle vessels of Ro-Ro type using horizontal handing techniques for transhipping operations is to enable an increased carrying capacity of Vanino port up to 12 mln tons . At present realization of a large project to significantly expand the ca - pacities up to 30 mln tons and modernize the port as well as to accelerate economic development of the areas adjacent to the port has been started .

Other ports in the Territory are in Nikolaevsk - on - Amur ,Okhotsk , Lazarevo and De-Kastry . A new commercial port has been opened in Sovetskaya Gavan in 1993 .

Air Transport

There are 38 airports in the Territory , 36 whereof being those of local service air lines including 6 airports with paved year round runways and 31 airports with natural serviced runways , 21 airports thereof are intended to receive only the airplanes of AN - type and helicopters .

Aircrafts of the Far-Eastern Corporation of Civil Aviation carry over 2 mln passengers and about 30 thd tons of cargo a year .

Air transportation at domestic air-lines is primarily carried out through the main airport of the Territory - the Khabarovsk airport located 10 km away from the city . The routes come therefrom to link the city with more than 40 cities of Russia and CIS countres . The Khabarovsk Airport is the leading airport of international travel in the Russian Far East . It is connected by scheduled flights with Harbin (China),Seoul (Korea),Ancorage and San-Francisco (USA),Niigata (Japan),Pyongyang (PDRK). At present the opening of a number of international flights is being studied .

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