The Khabarovsk territory

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Specificity of the machine-building of the Territory consists in its being a highly developed military-industrial complex comprising large - scale aircraft - and ship-building works .

New tasks now facing the machine-building industry of the Territory are namely those of its re-orientation to satisfy the needs of local economy and the people living here .

Ferrous Metallurgy

The only metallurgical work in the Far East is "Amurstal" Works (Komsomolsk-on-Amur), with the annual capacity about 2 mln tons of rolled stock . The main product is steel sheets (57 %) . At the same time the kinds and type of metal products non-productive in the Territory are imported from the other areas of the country .

The primary material processed at the "Amurstal" Works is scrap metal which is supplied by the far-eastern enterprises . Other kinds of raw materials for steel-making are supplied from Siberia and the Urals .

Civil Engineering

The Khabarovsk Territory has a developed civil engineering which promotes functioning and development of indusrial , agricultural and social sectors of economy . About 4 % of the fixed assets of the industrial enterprises are concetrated in civil engineering .

The largest construction associations in the Therritory are ; "Dalstroi"(civil and industrial engineering),corporation "Rosenergostroi", "Transstroi","Montazhspetsstroi","Rosavtodor" .

In addition, industrial and agricultural enterprises carry out individually 7 % of all construction work done annually in the Therritory .

Engineering complex has strong enough productive capacities available which comprise highly mechanized works producing struc - tures and parts of dwelling and industrial houses , basic construction materials .

In 1992 over 700,000 cubic metres of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures , 113 mln pcs of bricks , 830 thd cu.m of fractionated road material 218 thd cu.m of gravel ,626 thd cu.m of joinery (windows, doors),98 mln sq.m of ruberoid and other construction materials were produced in the Therritory .Capacities of construction industry enter - prises allow to increase production output by 25-30 % per year .

Besides traditional types of construction materials highly effec - tive basalt fibre is being produced ,linoleum production is being organized in Amursk , the cardboard ruberoid plant is planning to produce a new kind of roofing material - tile , made of bitumen base , for cottage building .


Being one of the key branches of the economic complex of the Khabarovsk Territory , transport is represented by all kinds thereof .

Railway Transport

There are two railway arteries crossing the Territory - the Trans - Siberian Railway and Baikal-Amur Mainline - which connect the eastern and western parts of the country . The continental network and that of the island of Sakhalin are linked by a sea-going ferry Vanino - Kholmsk (270 km long) . The total railway length , one way approaches to the mainlines including , is 2,3 thd km or over 1/4 of the total Far-Eastern road network length . Over 80 % of the territorial cargo exchange with the other regions of the country and 72 % of the intraregional cargo freights are carried out by rail . Every year about 20 mln tons of varios commercial cargo are delivered and backhauled to the sea ports and the China border stations .

modernization of the single railroad bridge across the Amur river near Khabarovsk (2617 m long) , which is the last one way section of the Trans-Siberian Railway , is under way .

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