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Sexual aspect wasnt the only one though very important. It was a part of his concept of personal development.

American Modernism.

It appeared in the first decade of the XX when the group of poets appeared in the USA who tried to bring modernists ideas. The most active of these poets were Ezra Pound & Thomas Eliot. American modernism doesnt mean geographical terms. Many American writers created their works in Europe (mainly in Paris). Ezra Pound said: Paris is a lab of ideas. Modernists:

Ezra Pound

Gertrude Stein

John Dos Passos

Ernest Hemingway

Partially William Faulkner

Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Ezra Pound (1885 1972)

A famous poet, publicist & translator. He studied in the University of Pennsylvania (studied Roman languages). But he had a very brief career as a teacher & in 1908 he left for Europe. He walked all the way from Gibraltar to Venice where the first collection of his poems appeared A Hume Spento. During 2 years from 1908 he gained his popularity. His collections were:

Canzoni songs

Ripostes leisure

Lustra light

The poems impressed the readers by the original form, new expressiveness & metrical faction. He is the founder of imagists school (opposed traditional Victorian verse). The poets aim was to be precise & clear in word usage. They did not accept thematic limitations, were responsible for exploding the traditional form, tried to find form to substitute it. There was a trend in imagism wordism the model for the XXth century poetry. Its features:



Specific rhyme

Much attention was paid to the metaphorical images. These ideas influenced young poets like Robert Frost, Thomas Eliot, and W. Butler.

Pound edited magazine Little Review where new names & works were introduced. It is believed that he revolutionized English versification. He tried to capture the intonation of monological speech. His poems have a peculiar form of masques. His poetry is dressed in the bright clothes of Latin, Greek, Japanese, Anglo-Saxon, etc poets.

Translations are the best part of his legacy. They were also thoroughly polished masques. He developed interest Japanese poetry. He liked the Japanese way of presenting the most abstract idea through a concrete image. So he introduced idiomatic poetry when any nation could be rendered through the combination of concrete images. This principle was employed in The Cantos epic poem, which he started in 1925 & continued almost up to the end of his life. He called it . The synthesis of his ideas of works, autobiography, aesthetic & poetic principles & reflection of the urgent & poetic issues. The Cantos are uneven in quality. Some fragments are difficult to understand. To facilitate the process of reading The Index of Cantos was published. In 1925 Pound moved to Italy & became interested in politics & economics. He devoted much time & effort to discuss economics & politics.


What Is Money For?

He supported the fascist regime. After the war he was arrested & charged in prison, but was considered to have mental disease & spent 22 years in mental hospital. In late 50s he was let free & went to Italy where he died. But he continued to write even in hospital. The Cantos of Pizza is a very painful reevaluation of the things passed. The famous critic Malison said: He chose a wrong position above the society & thats the problem. He was the poet who transformed the form of English verse thus his achievement was great.

Gertrude Stein (1874-1946)

Gertrude Stein is remembered because of her influence on the writers to come, not for her works. She doesnt enter anthologies of English or American literature. She was born in USA, her childhood was spent in Europe. She studied psychology in Harvard. Her teacher was William James. She conducted several experiments on automatic writing but she was interested only from psychological point of view. However, she did not become a psychologist yet this influenced her writing. In 1903s she left for Paris & remained there almost all her life. In 1909 she published the novel The Three Lives. It consists of three parts describing the lives of three women. The work was unnoticed in that time. But that time she got acquainted with famous artists: Picasso, Matisse. New tendencies in painting (cubism, abstractionism) impressed her very much.

Abstraction tendencies dominated in her artistic works. She claimed that only Spanish & American writers were able to realize abstract notions in literature. This abstraction must be expressed by the deformity of the form. She was the only representative of literary abstractionism. Her desire was to get rid of the content of words (of the meaning) so that she could be able to concentrate on the plastic properties of the language & its syntax. She was going to capture inner & outer reality in the most precise & objective form.

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