Mary Stuart. Her life and struggle for crown

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The second is short The way up & the way down are one & the same. This is another duality, two ways of apprehending the truth. The first one is an active embrace of ecstatic experience (the way up), the second one is a passive withdrawal from experience into self (the way down).

The poem got a reputation of a great obscurity due to a philosophical richness but at the same time it is intensely musical. He tries to make it closer to music by the motives that return like the tones in music. It is not by chance that the poem is called Four Quartets 4 instrumental voices in the quartet. In his essay The Music of Poetry he explained this usage of recurrent things.

From 1926 he experimented with poetic drama The Cocktail Party. But his dramas remain unpopular because drama needs plot.

Eliot received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1949 as recognition of his innovations in modern poetry. He also wrote critical works The Sacred Wood, The Use of Poetry & the Use of Criticism, On Poetry & Poets most influential literary documents.

David Herbert Lawrence (1885-1930)

Lawrence was very much influenced by Freuds conception of human personality. He is considered to be a modernist but he didnt experiment with form. On the outside he worked within the confines of English novel tradition but he broke from the understanding of human relations that were accepted in critical realism. He was the first who touched upon the problem of marrying, the relations between sexes, he didnt hush down the contradictions between them. His main concern was to liberate a person from all the constrains which were put by the society upon him. There was so much taboos, hush-hush attitudes to this topic, that

He is compared to Eliot. Both started from similar points that civilization threatens human beings, it is hostile to man. Civilization is sick, it destroys people morally & bodily. What Lawrence can suggest instead? His religion was belief in blood & flesh as being wiser than the intellect. This belief became one of his main themes. He interpreted human behaviour & character from this standpoint. All his writings were underlined with a deep discontent with a modern world. And this fact unites him with other modernists. Civilization is on the wrong track. Science, industrialization produced a race of robots. Civilization is evil. The only way out the way back to re-awaken our emotional, irrational layers of consciousness. He was little concerned with social problems. Lawrences treatment of character is based on the assumption that 7/8 are submerged & never seen. He explored the unconscious mind that was not always seen but was always present. He is fumbling for the words to describe strictly indescribable. He enjoyed popularity in his lifetime. His first works are:

The White Peacock 1911

Sons & Lovers 1913

They were well received. Critics thought that there appeared one more working-class writer. His late works were received with shock & opposition because of his frankness to the questions of sexuality, relations of men & women. These themes suffered from late Victorian prudishness. He was the first to describe sexual relations using common words not

Sons & Lovers is considered to be autobiographical. Lawrence was brought up in miners family in Nottinghamshire. His mother was cultivated ex-school teacher. She married beneath herself & so she tried to develop ambitions in her children. The book centers around Paul Morel & his mothers relations. His mother made him fatally unable to love another woman. There was something in his life that blocked his intentions. The relations that he explores within the Morel family remind us of the relations in his own family. He must get it clear & get away with it. By giving this story a form of a novel Lawrence tried to liberate himself of his ties with the past. Sometimes it is considered an illustration of Freuds theory of Oedipus complex.

We consider Lawrence a modernist not because of his innovations in form & style but by his attitude to human beings (human behaviour is biologically determined). Blood & flesh being wiser than intellect.

Lawrence is a very prolific writer but his books were uneven in quality 15 novels & volumes of short stories. The best of them are:

The Rainbow(was also condemned as obscene one)

Women in Love 1920

Kangaroo 1923

The Plumed Serpent 1926

Lady Chatterleys Lover (1929) was subjected to obscenity trial. It was banned for oscine vocabulary till 1960. His urgency in seeking out the deepest core of his characters being lead him to employ a language overfraught with portentous vocabulary repeatedly, ineffectually gesturing at dark, mystic, passionate, but ultimately vague & ungraspable emotions. Critics considered this work to be his greatest one.

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