Mary Stuart. Her life and struggle for crown

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In the full form the collection was published in 1914 together with his autobiographical novel The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, which was to be called Stephen-Hero. This book explores the story of the formation of the artists consciousness. In criticism it is called a gestation of the soul, for he tries to penetrate into peoples mind. It is deeply psychological work. In form it is buildungsroman (German word meaning educational novel). Life is shown chronologically. The main hero Stephen Dedalus. The process of his maturing is shown in the development.

In the first part the language is very simple. Then some glimpses of family life are given. The disagreement between its members has political roots. Another stage is school & college. Stephen does not participate in boys games. He longs for the moment when he can be alone, he is weak & suffering. The Jesuit college bred an aversion for religion in the young artist. Everything was repulsive in the college: sermons, system of punishment, religibility + hypocrisy. It was an anguish experience. Stephen learnt to build a wall between him & all the rest of the humanity.

The book has an open ending we dont know Stephen will do. It ends with the decision to leave Ireland. This exile, solitude are the ways in which Stephen opposes to the oppressing influence of the society. He rejects what life suggests to him his choice is loneliness. The problem of correlating of artists & society is solved by Joyce from highly individualistic standpoint. The last pages express Stephens understanding of form & time categories. The past is consumed in the present & the present is living because it has force in the future. The name Dedalus is symbolic. It is a symbol of new art which is liberated from restrain of old art He discovers & explores the possibilities of new art. Its aim is to create a new labyrinth of forms of new art.

In 1922 Ulysses was published. It started as another short story for The Dubliners but grew into the massive novel. Joyce recreates the action of Odyssey in a single day July 16, 1904 (it was a significant day for Joyce: he decided to leave Ireland & met his future wife). Since two plains run parallel. The main characters are associated with certain people in Odyssey by Homer: the main characters are Stephen Dedalus & Leopold Bloom, an advertising solicitor & in a certain way an eternal Jew both figuratively & literally. Minor characters are the people whom they meet in different places. Dedalus acts as Telemachys & Leopold Bloom is modern Odyssey & his wife Molly is modern Penelope. Bloom wanders from place to place throughout this day butchers shop, post office, cemetery, printing house, library, pub, hotel, again pub, shop, his poor house, cheap pub his adventures has nothing in common with adventures of Odyssey. They are down to Earth, petty. In Bloom Joyce tried to show wandering of eternal. He has unheroic adventures & finally meets Stephen who becomes his spiritual son. This is a plot.

In form the book is mostly a never-ending stream of Blooms consciousness (he is not an intellectual person, his impressions are very incoherent). The book has a very rigid form. Joyce describes in many details every moment of the day: actions, feelings & thoughts. But apart from it Joyce deepens into human consciousness he tries to render something which doesnt depend on peoples mind, he tries to penetrate into human psyche, impulses which govern, move them. Each chapter corresponds to the certain episode in Homers Odyssey & each chapter has its own style. It witnesses that Joyce was a virtuous of the English language. Ulysses has 18 episodes, each of them tracing the deeds & the thoughts of three people during one day in Dublin. The book is a mosaic. It consists of different & not quite linked together parts. There is almost no plot. Joyce still puts the idea in it to describe symbolically mans wandering in the chaos of life & floating with the stream of his thoughts. The humanity is lost & confused about all the contradictions of modern life, people waist their lives in this chaos, their existence is sensless & purposeless. The three main characters present three eternal types of human beings common person, an artist, a woman. Bloom stands for the symbol of a typical bourgeois person. He is very limited & content with down-to-earth pleasures.

The book caused a storm of outrage. It was banned in Britain & America for more than ten years. Now it is praised for technical experimentation & stylistic brilliance. The book attracted attention to the stream of consciousness technique. In general it evoked controversial responses.

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