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EASTER WEEKEND: Good Friday will bring sunshine in the East and patchy rain in the West. The rain will stay mainly in the Northwest on Saturday. Showers will affect all on Easter Sunday.

NO WEATHER WARNINGS ARE IN FORCE There are no weather warnings in force anywhere in the United Kingdom. Thursday 12th April 2001 There are 5 flood warnings in force in the following regions; MIDLANDS (2) ANGLIAN (3) Based on information at 1400 Thursday Details for England and Wales on the Floodline 0845 988 1188


Season Overview

After a cold beginning to the spring season, we will warm up to the acute heat and storm breeder planets, Mars & Jupiter. The pair will be in opposition aspect for several weeks in May and June and dominate the weather picture in the USA and around the globe. Mars and Jupiter activity tend to promote dryness and drought during extended contact and will promote the evaporation of moisture. A tension aspect to the planet Uranus indicates electrical storms and ripping northwest winds making for a rather ragged upper level airflow

For contrast, Venus and Saturn are side by side to bring us extended rain, early spring snows, gray skies and uncomfortable humidity in some locations. Neptune, a planet that can indicate the possibility of flooding is found at 74west longitude in the areas of western Pennsylvania, Ohio and south to Florida, the Bahamas and Cuba. Should both weather indications manifest from week to week, we could be looking at 'baked mud'.

A third combination of planets is Mercury (wind) Sun (warmth) and Jupiter (breezy and balmy) and condenses into the fair weather patterns in-between the storms a few weeks into the season. The wind indications are for tornadoes in selected areas of the USA and very gusty winds as noted in the regional summaries.

Meteorology even with the aid of weather satellites, computers and modern high-speed communication facilities, never will succeed in dealing intelligently with anomalies of weather beyond the actual time and progress of the phenomena.

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