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Thursday, April 22, 2001, First Quarter moon

An aggressive period of strong weather that we haven't seen in a while. Temps could be very chilly.

Sun and dismal Saturn are still together and are creating a pattern of stormy, wet and destructive energy most of the week. Possible clearing on the 26th. On the 27th, the northeast has a chance of being involved in the fronts that will crisscross to bring heavy rains and very unsettled conditions. A windy t-storm may close out this active quarter moon. Technical: Sagittarius on 4th, Pluto. Virgo on 1st. Fixed grand cross.

Friday, April 30, 2001, Full Moon, First of May Day!

Saturn is still with the Sun and temperatures may be on the cool side, yet windy on a fair May Day. Note-Saturn in the sign Taurus brings new responsibilities to Taureans over the next two point five years. Unsettled conditions flip flop with cold, then warm air and fast moving air. An exciting reversal brings on the glow of springtime 7-8th. Windy on the 8th. A fast, small disturbance to welcome the quarter moon period. Technical: Libra on 4th, Mars, Moon. Cancer on 1st.

Saturday, May 8,2001, Last Quarter moon

The fair weather fades out to let rainy, unsettled weather seep in with a low forming mid-week. A moderating effect and a warming trend moving in with higher humidity the 13-14th. Technical: Scorpio on 4th, Pluto. Virgo on 1st.

Saturday, May 15, 2001, New Moon

Moisture moves up from the south for a period of higher humidity and steady rain, plus a downpour on the 18th looks strong with lightning. There is a strong wind/breeze about. Jupiter is perihelion and high-pressure forms later in the week, around the 20th and a stationary Uranus can give us brilliant sunshine. A t-storm ushers in the quarter moon. Technical: Virgo on 4th. Cancer on 1st, Venus.

Saturday, May 22, 2001, First Quarter moon

Severe wind in the area. It is unusual but funnel clouds may threaten in the northeast. Tune in your local meteorologists for up-to-date info. Thunderstorm activity on the 25th. Warming trend leading to fair days. Possible T-storm on the change to the Full Moon as we prepare for a long period of extended heat and strong drying conditions. A very active week for Rhode Islanders in general. Drive with utmost caution this week. Technical: Gemini on 4th. Aquarius on 1st. Mars opposes Jupiter.

Sunday, May 30, 2001, Full Moon

The stickies arrive in full force and the dry air indications persist - which one dominates? My guess is the tropical air winning out. Refreshing winds on the 4th, fair but warm to hot weather through the 6th. Threat of scattered thunderstorms all week and weeks to come. Mars brings in warm weather and the westerlies while Jupiter brings in the northerly wind flow. When they clash - Boom! A neat thunderstorm. Mars and Jupiter are in position to dance with each other for a few weeks bring on the fronts! Technical: Cancer on 4th, Venus. Aries on 1st, Jupiter, Saturn.

Sunday, June 6th, 2001, Last Quarter moon

Warm and breezy with a few clouds. High pressure brings northwest breezes and very pleasant weather. More sultry on the 9-10th that could inspire a clash of fronts for a neat thunderstorm. The 11-12th looks to revert back to more humid air. Technical: Gemini on 4th, Sun, Mercury. Aquarius on 1st, Moon.

Sunday, June 13, 2001, New Moon

Overcast, misty or fog to begin this New Moon. Warming trend builds to a more fair weather pattern with some tropical overtones. The heat increases on the 16th and by the 19th; we will have some wind as low forms and will move in just ahead of the quarter moon bringing in a squall or storm. Technical: Capricorn on 4th, Neptune, Uranus. Libra on 1st, Mars.

Sunday, June 20, 2001, First Quarter moon

Lingering gray sky and with Sun trying to peek out of the clouds indicates unsettled conditions for the week. Stay tuned for the summer report. J Acute storm breeders Mars & Jupiter continue their T-storm rampage and the birthchart for the summer season in Rhode Island holds many surprises.

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