The profile of an effective manager

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According to the dictionary flexibility is the ability to change or to be changed easily to suit a different situation[22]. What factors made this aspect so important? Thirst of all the growing volumes of information a manager should deal with. Second, environment and technologies which changed quicker and quicker every year and the third point will be internationalization. According to these three situations we can determine the following characteristics of the flexible manager:

A flexible manager is able to stay loose and to choose and explore a wide variety of approaches to problems, without losing sight of the overall goal or purpose[23]

Shows a resourcefulness in their ability to adapt himself quickly and easily to developing situation and changing environment

He "does not see the environment as something to which they should passively respond, but as something they should actively shape."[24]

Some authors also associated flexibility with personal openness of the manager[25]. They pointed out that if managers are open then they can be influenced by what is happening around them and as a result they react more flexible to all the changes around them. The one thing is obvious that flexibility is a key feature of personal growth and an indispensable condition for being an effective manager.

Lets now go back to the second aspect creativity, and lets see what it means: Creativity producing or using new and effective ideas, results, etc[26]. When we think about creativity, we imagine people who are gifted, talented, and different from others, whose ideas, decisions, and actions are situated out of the every days life borders. In culture, creativity is associated with such a people like Bach, Van Gogh, and Einstein; in business with Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple Computers), Jack Welch (General Electric), and Anita Rodick (The Body Shop).[27] Today creativity is a way of thinking, the way to integrate you visions and ideas into relationships and business. This process can be presented as following:

Figure 3: Critical thinking

Generate numerous possibilities

Brainstorming processes

Free association, etc.

Source: Becoming a Master Manager, By:Robert E.Qiunn,Sue R.Faerman,Michel P. Thomson, Michael R. McGrath; USA,2003

The use of creativity in the decision making process or in problem solving allows manager to increase the effectiveness and encourage creative thinking among employees. An effective manager will use creativity as a tool of motivation. When employees are encouraged to use creativity in their problem solving and in everyday work, they are more likely to feel unique, valued and important for their organization[28]. In this way a manager can not only develop effectiveness but also create a group of like-minded employees.

For an effective manager of the future creativity or creative thinking should become the natural way to think. But to reach this ideal situation each manager should avoid the following barriers:

A negative value of fantasy and reflection as a waste of time, a sign of laziness, or even a bit crazy[29]

the ideas that only children may play and fantasise but adults must be serious

the idea that problem solving is a very serious an responsible process and you must forget about creativity and humour

a negative image of feeling and intuition, which are regarded as illogical an impractical

Although it is very difficult sometimes to change the societys cultural barriers and to change the image of creativity, each manager should try to overcome pragmatic influences and think individually.

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: 16/05/2006