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Tourism Agencies Along with Ventspils Tourism Information Centre also several tourism agencies offer their services which include guiding round Ventspils, sightseeing tours, excursions, visas and insurance, air and ferry tickets. The tourism agency Ventspils Excursion Bureau is located on the Town Square in the very centre of Old Ventspils, but the tourism agency Tobago is located in the city centre.

Contacts Ventspils Tourism Information Centre provides all the information on tourism. Other information about the municipality may be obtained at different municipal institutions.

Co-operation Ventspils sister-city in Sweden is Vesterviik. Both cities have established close contacts and co-operate in different spheres.

For visitors

For Latvia visitors now I think is very good time. Our inhabitants are very frendly and most part of them knows English. If tourists needs to find some place or to know about something, latvian will help them.

Also Tourism Information Centre are highly developed last few years. In airports, stations, and in every hotel or guest house tourists will recieve necessary information about a city and Latvia.

No problems in association between foreign and local peoples.

Welcome in LATVIA!

Source of information

: Internet: tourism@ventspils.lv ; www.Ventspils.tourism.lv.

Ventspils city guide booklet

Information in Hotels and camping

Torism information centre ( Tirgus iela 7, Ventspils. tel./fakss 36 222 63 )

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