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Chipboards, saw material and furniture are the basic kinds of production in wood-working, and the largest part of production is exported. The construction boom of the last years in Ventspils has promoted the expansion of existing producers of construction materials, as well as the establishment of new firms.

The Ventspils airport renovation project and discussions on the construction of an oil processing plant in Venstpils have been initiated.

Ventspils Development Agency

As a developed port city and a place for successful business Ventspils has entered international competition side by side with similar cities in the world. The Ventspils Development Agency was founded by the business organisations of Ventspils and the Ventspils City Council in February of 1998 in order to coordinate the publicity of the city and to implement its marketing strategy.

The main spheres of activity of the Agency:-implementation of the city marketing strategy;-study of the supply and demand structure of Ventspils as a place for business;-local and international publicity of the city and its economical and social partners; -standing up for the interests and needs of Ventspils and its economic and social partners in local and international institutions of the state and in the private sector.


A lot has been done in Ventspils during the last years to develop a rich cultural life in the city. Different cultural activities of local and international significance regularly take place in the city. The regional Ventspils College has been created and the Old City, Ventspils Castle and other historical objects have been renovated.

Regular theatre performances, concerts, different theme activities and conferences take place at the Cultural Centre and the Recreation Centre Juras Varti.( Sea Gates )

The cultural life of the city has also become very active. Various local and international events, opera performances, concerts and art exhibitions take place in Ventspils more and more frequently.

9 secondary schools and several professional educational establishments are functioning in the city. Higher education can be acquired in Ventspils College, the local branch of Riga Technical University, the branch of the Russian Institute in the Baltics, and the branch of the Riga Pedagogical and Educational Management School.

There are diverse recreation opportunities for the residents and guests of Ventspils. One can visit museums and see historical objects and other interesting places in the city and its vicinity in order to study the history and development of Ventspils. In a 20 minutes walk from the city centre one can find oneself on the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy sports in modern sports buildings – a stadium, many sports clubs and the Olympic sports hall, completed in 1997, that accomodates 3000 spectators.

Centre Amateur Art

There are 14 different ethnic and cultural societies functioning in Ventspils. People of most different generations have engaged in very many amateur art groups– choirs, dance groups, folklore groups, studios of handicrafts and even two orchestras. The residents and guests of Ventspils can study the history and culture of Ventspils and the vicinity by visiting different: the renovated Ventspils Livonian Order Castle, Ventspils Museum, Ventspils Maritime Open-Air Museum, and the Memorial Museum of the Writer Herbert Dorbe.

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