American Cinema

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Zinneman, Frederick (1907- ) an American film director, born in Austria, famous for the films such as "High Noon" and "The Day of Jackal".

Wilder Billy (1906-) a film director whose films include "Sunset Boulevard" and "Some Like It Hot".


"The Birth of the Nation" a dramatic silent film from 1915 about the American Civil War. "The Birth of the Nation" was directed by D. W. Griffith. The film, based on Thomas Dixon's novel "The Clansman", has been condemned for historical distortion and racial bias, but it became a landmark in the artistic development of motion pictures through its successful introduction of many now-standard film techniques.

"Planet of the Apes " - a film set in about imaginary future where monkeys rule the world.

''Psycho'' a horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is especially known for a scene in which the character Mario (Janet Leigh) is stabbed in a shower by Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins).

"Rocky" the first of a group of films (later ones were called "Rocky II", "Rock III", etc.), starring Sylvester Stallone as a determined boxer called Rocky. In each of the films the main character overcomes difficulties and win a fight against a strong opponent. The films are especially popular with young people.

"Star Wars " a popular science-fiction film about the battle between the hero, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader, an evil person who wears a black mask over his face and comes from an evil empire. The film was directed by Steven Spielberg and is remembered for its many new exciting special effects.

"The Terminator" a film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, set in Los Angeles in the near future in which a lot of people are killed. The film was followed by "Terminator II".

Actors and Actresses.

Astaire, Fred (18991987) a dancer, singer and actor who made many films, often with his dancing partner, Ginger Rogers, and who was known for his stylishness.

Bassinger, Kim (1954) a film actress, known especially for playing attractive, sexy women.

Brando, Marlon (1924) an actor whose films include "A Streetcar Named Desire", "On the Waterfront", "The Godfather", etc.

Cooper, Gary (19011962) an actor who often played strong, silent heroes, for example in the film "High Noon".

Costner, Kevin (1955) an actor and director whose films include "Dances with Wolves", "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves", "JFK", etc.

Cruise, Tom (1962) an actor who has played leading film parts since the early 1980s, e.g. in "Top Gun" and "Cocktail". He is especially popular with women.

De Niro, Robert (1945) an actor, known especially for his part in the films "Taxi Driver" and "The Deer Hunter".

Dietrich, Marlene (19041992) an American actress and nightclub performer, born in Germany, who usually played the part of an extremely sexually attractive woman. She is best remembered for her part in the film "Blue Angel".

Douglas, Kirk (1916) a film actor, known for playing the hero in films such as "Spartacus".

Douglas, Michael (1944) a film actor, son of Kirk Douglas, known for his part in the films "Fatal Attraction" and ''Romancing the Stone".

Eastwood, Clint (1930) a film actor and director, best known for playing parts as a gunfighter in Westerns and a modern city police officer. His characters almost always have their right on their side, and no fear.

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