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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom is situated in the north-west coast of Europe between the Atlantic Ocean on the north and north-west and the North Sea on the east. The U.K. includes Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain, the largest island in Europe, contains England, Scotland and Wales. The U.K. has an area of 94,249 square miles. The capital of the country is London. English is the official language. The population of the U.K. is nearly 60 million people. The population lives mostly in towns and cities and their suburbs. Four out of every five people live in towns. Over 46 million people live in England. Over 3 million – in Wales. A little over 5 million – in Scotland. About 1,5 million - in the Northern Ireland. London’s population is over 7 million people. The British nation consists of the English, Scots, the Welsh and the Irish. There are many people of all colours and races in the U.K. the climate of Great Britain is mild. It is not too hot in summers or too cold in winter. It often rains in England. Rain falls in the summer and in the winter, in autumn and in spring. Snow falls only in the north and west of country. The surface of England and Ireland is flat, but Scotland and Wales are mountainous. Many parts of the country have beautiful villages. There are many rivers in Great Britain. The main river is the Thames. Many ships and barges go up and down the river. The longest river is Severn. It is 350 kilometres long. There are many universities, colleges, libraries, museums and theatres in the country. The most universities are Cambridge University, Oxford University and Glasgow University. The U.K. is a parliamentary monarchy. The British Parliament consists of two Houses: the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The Prime Minister is the head of the government. The main political parties of Great Britain are the Labour Party, the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party. The Communist Party of Great Britain was founded in 1920. It is a party of the working people. The U.K. has few mineral resources. Coal and oil are the most important of them. The U.K. is one of the world’s most industrialized countries. The main industrial centres are Sheffield, Birmingham and Manchester. The largest cities of the country are London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin. Agriculture takes an important sector economy of the country. The British people grow wheat, fruit, vegetable and oats.

Sports in our life

Sport is very important in our life. It is popular among young and old people. Many people do morning exercises, jog in the morning and train themselves in clubs in different sections and take part in sport competitions. Other people like sports too, but they only watch sport games and listen to the sport news. They prefer reading interesting stories about sportsmen. But they don’t go in for sports. Physical training is an important subject. Students of our college have physical training lessons twice a week. They play volleyball and basketball at the lessons. There is a sportsground near our college and students go in for spots in the open air. A lot of different competitions are held at the college, a great number of students take part in them. Sport helps people to keep in good health. 2002 is the year of health in our country. Nowadays most of the teenagers smoke, dink alcohol, and take drags. I’m against of it. On the contrary I advice them to give up smoking and cut down. If you go in for sports, you have good health and don’t catch cold. Everybody must take care of their health and do morning exercises regularly. The are some popular kinds of sports in our country: football, volley-ball, hockey, gymnastics, skiing, skating and boxing. Everybody may choose the sport for himself. There are summer and winter sports. My favourite sport is swimming. I go to the swimming-pool twice a week. Everybody must remember that the first wealth is health.

I want to be a programmer

I want to become a computer programmer. It is interesting and useful profession. I’m interested in computers. It is a whole new world. Many people continue careers or there parents but it is not the case with me my mother is a teacher and my father is a doctor. But I don’t want to be neither a teacher nor a doctor. My favourite subjects in school are math, physics and of course computer science. I’m not interested in such subjects as geography, biology or chemistry. My hobby is computer games and computer programming. I have computer at home and I can spend hours working at it. It is much easier to do things on computer, for example to write a composition. You can change the text, as many times as you want and you don’t need to rewrite everything if you changed something. I think that the profession of programmer can give many opportunities. Computers are the most rapidly changing sphere of modern technology. We are living in the age of information. And I think that the future is just filled with computers. Today, in England or in USA people can work, go shopping or even go on dates sitting at their computers. In our country, computers have been used just for a short time. So after I finish college I want to enter the university and study computer science. I know that knowledge is power. I want to be high classified and educated person.

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