Metallica: the beginnings

: 5/5

When 1983 started, growing financial problems stopped Metallicas growth, until they a very influential west coast guy named Johnny Z. Johnny Z. managed his own store called Rock-n-roll Heaven where you could find anything connected with heavy metal. Same Johnny Z. also organized rock concerts in New York and New Jersey from time to time. Johnny convinced Metallica to go New York where he housed all four guys for three months!

Gradually Dave Mustane and his heavy drinking started to distance him from the band as Ron got distanced before that. Moreover, other members of Metallica got an Exodus tape and just as they did with Cliff, they got determined that they have got to have Kirk Hammett instead of Dave. In April of 83 they shamelessly booted Dave, and instantly Kirk Hammett became the newest member of the band. Still Metallica kept playing at the same clubs introducing their new member to the public. The fun ended when Johnny Z. kicked them all out of his house for drinking two bottles of champagne that were his familys treasure. For several weeks Metallica had to live in the abandoned warehouse.

In the beginning of May, however, the band got news from Johnny that even though he kicked them out of this house, he kept his word, and rented a recording studio Music America for two weeks. May 10, 1983 Metallica first came into that studio. Their material was ready and dozens if not even hundreds of times rehearsed. Finally, Metallica got its wish and they could release their own disc!!!

Censorship didnt allow the original name of the disc Metal Up Your A**, with a logo of a hand with a sword coming out of a toilet. Metallica had to settle on Kill Em All that basically expressed their feelings toward the censors.

This album sold thousands of copies and made finally made Metallica a success, but thats already another story .

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: 5/07/2007