Urbanization and Urban Issues

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all general education and has little or no affect on skills essential for chosen major it does not really matter what to take. Or it might happen what a student decided to go to a law school and works towards the highest grade score possible and therefore chooses the easiest course available or courses where level of proficiency is the highest. Obviously freedom that this system gives mainly benefits these students who know exactly what their goals are and /or these who can decide on their own how to achieve these defined goals. But in the same time this system confuses these who have not decided yet what their goals are, and attend York just because this is something what is expected from them by someone else for example parents. Is it chaos or is it order? Probably what would be more of an order if admittance to York depended upon whether individuals have decided what to work towards or not. If York had only these who know exactly what they are doing this system would work in the best way. As mentioned before Ukrainians have adopted system that tells you what to do and makes chose for you. It definitely benefits these who have not decided that they want or these who know that they want but do not the way who to get there.

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