The practice of modern medicine

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Developments in modem medical science have made it possible to detect morbid conditions before a person actually feels the effects of the condition. Examples arc many: they include certain forms of cancer; high blood pressure; heart and lung disease; various familial and congenital conditions; disorders of metabolism, like diabetes; and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), the con­sideration to be made in screening is whether or not such potential patients should be identified by periodic exam­inations. To do so is to imply that the subjects should be made aware of their condition and, second, that there are effective measures that can be taken to prevent their condition, if they test positive, from worsening. Such so-called specific screening procedures are costly since they involve large numbers of people. Screening may lead to a change in the life-style of many persons, but not all such moves have been shown in the long run to be fully effective. Although screening clinics may not be run by doctors, they are a factor of increasing importance in the, preventive health service.

Periodic general medical examination of various sections of the population, business executives for example, is an­other way of identifying risk factors that, if not corrected, can lead to the development of overt disease.

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