Tall Stranger

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alder – Ольха

poplar – Тополь

birch – Береза

ounce - унция

within striking distance of the enemy - вне досягаемости

inferno - ад

to shy - стесняться, слушаться

surefooted - устойчивый

to plod – тащиться, корпеть

repentant sinner -раскаивающийся грешник

to loom - маячить

to loot – грабить

to tempt fate – искушать судьбу

to divert smb's attention from smth. - отвлечь ч-л внимание

to dally - флиртовать, зря терять время

chasm – бездна

Stygian darkness - кромешная тьма

foray - набег, мародерство

to bend - гнуть, покорять

beaver – бобер

to surmise–подозревать

to verify–проверять

to snap– резко сказать

to sneer–усмехнуться



in the open–на открытом воздухе

to take smth for granted–считать доказанным

to use smb. for one’s own ends–использовать в собственных целях

to sink into oblivion–погрузиться в забвение

to take flight–обращаться в бегство

to be busy with smth–быть занятым ч-л

to be insane–быть душевнобольным

to be disillusioned in smth/smb–быть разочарованным

to have no heart in smth – душа не лежит к ч-л

to despise smb. for smth.–презирать

to lie at hand – быть под рукой

to think back to–мысленно возвращаться назад

gigantic - гигантский

to look like a cornered rat - выглядеть как крыса, припертая к стене

painstaking search - тщательный поиск

marksman - меткий стрелок


to put emphasis on smth - предавать большое значение

dwarfish - карликовый

latent evil - скрытое зло


to come to the fore - выйти на первый план

vicinity - окрестность

to accomplish smth - совершить ч-л

to trail smth/smb - идти по следу

a square thought - честная мысль

to relax - расслабиться

to skirt a peak - обогнуть вершину


to scowl – frown

to thrust – stick, plung

to bury – intob

outlaw – criminal

to urge – to persuade hard

swiftly – fast, soon

to vanish – to disappear

to spring – to jump up

daybreak – dawn

brutal – cruel, rude

to be preoccupied with smth. – to be busy, to be absorbed, to be anxious

scarcely – hardly, bearly

proof – evidence, facts

to surrender -

temper – self-control

somber – dark, grave

looks – appearance

to be positive – to be sure

frame of mind – mood, disposition

to be hard up – to need

to avert trouble – to avoid trouble

outspoken – frank, plainspoken

enmity – hostility

accusation – charge

to stumble –

to verify - to check, to examine

to use smb for one’s own ends - to explore

to take flight - to step back

to be insane - to be crazy, to be mad

to sneer - to grim

opinionated - self-confident

to despise - to have in contempt

to think back - to analyze, to revise

to surmise- gess, supposition

to verify-to check up examine


in the open-outdoors

to take smth for granted-to take smth. natural

to sink into oblivion-to be lost, to loose one's consciousness

to be busy with smth-to be occupied

to be insane-to be crazy

to be disillusioned in smth/smb-to be disappointed

to have no heart in smth - to be not keen on

to think back to-to remember, to recall


painstaking search - careful search

marksman - an excellent (keen) shot

terrain - area, landscape, territory

to put emphasis on smth - to stress

dwarfish - small, undeveloped

latent evil - hidden


vicinity - nabourhood

to accomplish smth - to complete

to trail smth/smb - to tail

a square thought - honest

to relax - to cool (calm) down

to skirt a peak - to circle, to pass round


steady – unsteady

sober – unsober

disloyal – loyal

far-sighted – short-sighted

to tie – to untie

to feel uneasy – to feel easy


to persist – persistance

to appreciate – appreciation

to nurse – nursery

to wound – wound

to worry – worry

to agree – agreement

to decide – decision

to recommend – recommendation

to pass – passage

worth – (ly, less, while, y)

loyal – (ist, ty)

ease – (ness, ment, sily)

to oppose – (ed, site, sition, sitionist)

to incline – inclinge

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