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In the market economy all attention is for the first turn paid to the consumer that should be the main principal of pricing policy which in its turn should be considered as a part of the overall planning of the business activity process.

The constant appearance of new goods and services in the market is one of the main conditions to survive under the circumstances of hard competition. Otherwise, the leg-behind firms face the serious finance problems.

The modern market grants new challenges in determining prices and some innovations concerning this problem. One of the aspects here is orientation to the concrete customer concerning establishing so called “just that price” or “faire price”. There is no doubt that such understanding of price is common for customer psychology. Some people consider prices as the ability to obtain consumer’s benefits, other think that the price is very high. Sometimes such personal approach is called “moral pricing”.

The right choice of the proper pricing strategy is the initial task for any company otherwise it can face the problems of finance loss and unprofitability.

So we can repeat once again that there are lots of problems in the existing pricing system. There exist plenty of questions to be considered and solved. That is why in the modern economy the problems of pricing are the matter of special concern. Pricing issues should be considered in complex taking account of special conditions of the modern market.

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