Objectives of European Investment Bank

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The European literature prize and European translation prize - Aristeion Prize.

Grants and travelling expenses for courses at colleges for literary translators.

The promotion of the European audiovisual sector:

This recorded its first practical achievement with the 'Television Without Frontiers' Directive, which lays down the minimum requirements for the free movement of television programmes within the EU. The MEDIA programme promotes the development of Europe's audiovisual industry.

Objectives of European Investment Bank

fostering the economic development of the less favoured regions;

improving European transport and telecommunications infrastructure;

protecting the environment and the quality of life, promoting urban development and safeguarding the Community's architectural and natural heritage;

attaining Community energy policy objectives;

enhancing the international competitiveness of industry;

supporting the activities of small and medium-sized enterprises;

extending and modernising infrastructure in the health and education sectors as well as assisting urban renewal, under the Amsterdam Special Action Programme in support of growth and employment.

Outside the Union, the EIB supports the Union's cooperation and development aid policies in over 120 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, the Mediterranean area, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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