Mark Twain

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When the thirty four annivesary came livy was very ill. “Her heart soon began to alarm her.” She went to bed and Sam was allowed to see her five minites a day.

One day Sam, Clara and Jean came to say her good night. The found her silent. Sam bent over her. She was dead.

“She was my life and she is gone; ahe was my riches, and I am a pauper.”

They sailed for home to bury Livy in Elmira, beside Susy. “In this 34 days we have made many voyages together, Livy dear, and now we are making our last.”

In the morning of Cristmas night in 1909, Jean Clemens died. Ther in her bathroom she lay, the fair young creature. The poor girl was an epileptic.

“I shall never write any more.” It was as Sam Clemens said. The death of Jean was Mark Twain’s last work.

“I lost Susy thirteen years ago; I lost her mother – her incomporable mother! – five and a half years ago; Clara has gone away to live in Europe; and now I have lost Jean. Now poor I am, who was the once rich.”

Now, he was alone and he was ill. Clara annd her husbund came back from Europe and they were with their dying father the lust few days.

“Death, the most precious of all gift” he welcomed without fear. Late in the afternoon on the 21st of April, 1910, Samuel Clemens died at the age of seventy-four. At Elmira, next to Livy and Susy and Jean, Sam Clemens was buried. For him, the great American Humonist, who had made the world laugh, the sad pilgrimage was ended.

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