Education in Britain

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When do the british start their education?

Do you agree that the british education has problems?

What were the lacks of British education?

Who can study in public schools?

Does the word «public» reflect the real principle of that schools?

What political acts became a turning point in British education?

What is the most well-spread opinion about the vocational courses?

What do you think about the quality of higher education in Britain?

What are the main principles of the Labour Patry (concerning education)

How had the role of parents in the children’s education changed?

How did the changing economic and social situation influence the system of education?

What are the most prestigeous schools in Britain?

Are there students from other countries in British schools and universities?

Is the nursary school compulsory?

How do you think: do the Concervative principles of education differ from that of Labour?

What are the aims of education in Britain today?

Did the level of education become higher after the reforms?

What is the GCSE?

What types of schools does the british system of education includes?

Would you like to study in Britain? (Give your argument for or against it).

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