Daddy Long Legs

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to birst into tears – разрыдаться

to cut smb. down –сократить к-л с работы


to scold – berate - тратить

an excuse – pretence, apology - извинение

regular – daily, systematic

with haste – in a hurry – в спешке

allowance – grant, pocket money

an essay – composition, report

to accomplish – to complete - выполнять

regular work – everyday work

to get accustomed to smth / to doing smth – to be used to doing smth - привыкнуть

to overlook – to ignore – не заметить

in someone’s favour – for smb’s support – в ч-л. поддержку

to take notice of smb. or smth – to pay attention to

vacation - holidays

to put one’s head in at the door - to peep

to drop in

semester - term

recreation - rest

scenery –landscape

to grab smb – to grasp, to grip

entirely - complitely


to tramp



in a hurry

to pay back

to write letters to smb

to make an acquaintance of smb




to pay attention to

time off

to call on smb

to ignore


curious – curiousity (любопытство), curiously (странно)

generous – generousity (щедрость) t

trust – trustee (опекун), trustful (доверчивый)

trustfulness (доверчивость)

enthusiasm (st, stic)

differ (rence, rent, rently)

disppoint (tment)-разочарование

entertain (nment)- прием, развлекать,принимать

cheer (ful, fulness)- ободрять, бодрый, бодрость

respect (ful, able, tability)- уважать, вежливый, приличный, почтенность

coincidence (dent, dental) – совпадение, совпадающий, случайный

to elect (tee, tion, tive, tor) – выбирать, избранный, выборы, выборный, избиратель

contest ( stant, station) – соревнование, соперник, борьба, соревнование

to devote (ted, tion) – посвятить, посвященный, преданность

to engage (gement) – нанимать, занятие


laugh - laughter

amuse - amusement

punish - punishment

assosiate - assosiation

win - winner

feel - feelings

excite - excitement

invite - invitation

end - ending

to drop - drop

to omit - omission

to tempt –temptetion

to concentrate - concentration

to edit - editor

to exhaust - exhaustion


Grateful - ungrateful

Breakable - unbreakable

Cheeful - cheerless

entertaining - unentertaining

carefree - careless

enthusiastic - unenthusiastic

different – indifferent, similar

changeable - unchangeable

dependent - independent

logical - illogical

necessary – unnecessary

to lead - mislead

to obey - disobey

restful - restless

sophisticated - unsophisticated

suitable - unsuitable

to catch a train – to miss a train

conventional - unconventional

emotional - unemotional

hopeful - hopeless

undemanding - demanding

full - empty

understending - misunderstending

respectful - respectless

strange - familiar

to feel ill at easy – to feel well easy

ill-bread – well-bread

to be friendly – to be unfriendly

to miss a train – to catch a train

cheerless - cheerful

dull - entertaining

reasonable - unreasonable

to be late for the train – to be early for the train

to be happy – to be unhappy

dependent – independent

careful - careless

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