The Rockfellers

The Rockfellers.

It is a family of the biggest financial magnates of the USA. The creator of the family richness was John Devienson Rockfeller (18&9 -1937) who founded the country of oil industry. His son John Devienson Rockfeller younger took the Hander-ship of the trust into his hands since 1911 and divided a part of their property among his 6 children.

In 1954 9 members of the R.'s took part in the ruling of the 40 biggest work's, research societies. Chicago & Prinston universities & also several museums such as the M. of Morten Art, American museum of Natural History & others.

The R.'s control not only the USA oil industry but also some enterprises of Chemical, tobacco, dairy, electric, sugar & other industries.

They are also leaders of some insurance companies & a big commercial bank of the USA "Charge National Bank".

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