My modern image of the united states

The usa is the word that we hear 24/7 in our everyday life.there are many reasons for that .the usa became a famous country not only because of it`s scandals but also for

It`s good economicy and good conditions for my mind the usa is used to be a symbol of wealth and luxery for all people all over the world. Some people hate this country, others want to be a part of it, in fact many people today compare their life with american.ofcourse there are many differences between countries and nations. But many countries of the world are now the reflections of the united states.

as for me, i associate the usa with skyscrapers, large cities and american dreams. And american dream i associate with hoollywood.i`m sure that it`s the most famous place in the world.i guess this place people from all parts of the world associate with fame, money, with scandals and stars. Hollywood what would we do without this place? I suppose we simply couldnt imagine our life without hollywood, which gave us such talantive persons as: marylin monro, cher, jenifer lopez, jenifer love huit, madonna, nicole kidman and others.if u want my opinion i`m sure that everybody want to be a part of hollywood life. Hollywood gives us an opportunity to dream of the things that we could find impossible at a first glance, so that `s why it`s called the example of american dreams. That`s the word that appeal first in my mind when i hear about the usa.

in my opinion there are two the most famous citiez in the usa , they are new york and los as for me i associate new york with fun,night life , harm,freedom,large number of pop and rock stars , the radio city music hall, shops and ofcourse mtv-usa their amazing shows and my mind new york is used to be the second capital of the united states.if i had an opportunity to go to america and could chose every city i want i would chose new york, because it`s the most attractive city in the world i guess.

Firstly it`s the centre of all american show-business, the centre of music life.and as i`m interested in music i know that most of pop, rock singers and groups have their record companies in new york.and when i hear about music in new york i think of black-rap music, by the way as far as i know the most talantive rapers live in new as u see new york is the center of all kind of business, and as i said before expecially of show business.

the second largest and one of my favoirite cities is los angeles.los angeles makes me think about the sun.i associate los angeles with beverly hills, with beaches,with health and perfect dressed people.when i think of los angeles i remind red hot chilly peppers `s song:”the city i live in is the city of angels…”.i dont live in los angeles but i find it very possitive and very of angels is one of the most famous cities in the usa and one of my favoirites.well, i guess we can talk about the usa forever because it`s very interesting and exciting country, but i`ve told you about my associations with this country.

that`s about all.

Реферат опубликован: 7/05/2008