Fedor Michailovich Dostoevsky, an outstanding Russian writer, was born on 30th of October 1821. His father was a doctor. He was gloomy (morose) and angry man, so Dostoevskys childhood was very unhappy. He started to study at early age. His mother taught him ABC.

In 1834 Dostoevsky went to Germans boarding school. The most interesting subjects for him were Russian and Literature. He read a lot: Karamzin, Walter Scott and Pushkin to name only a few.

When Dostoevsky was 16, his mother died. He was sent to the military engineer training college. He didnt like his study there. In 1843 he graduated from this college. He started to serve at the St. Petersburg engineering team. 1840-s he wrote his first works Boris Godunov and Maria Stuart. They were historical novels.

In autumn 1844 Dostoevsky dismissed, and decided to make his living by writing. Then Dostoevsky took part in Belinskys circle. By 1849 D. had written 10 stories. The most famous of them are: Double(1846), Hostess(1847).

Then Dostoevsky took part in Petrashevsky circle. Late at night on 23rd April 1849 he was arrested. He was condemned to the capital execution but Russian Emperor changed it into exile to Siberia. On 18th April 1857 Dostoevsky was pardoned.

In 1860 returned to the St. Petersburg. In 1861-1864 Dostoevsky with his brother published magazine Time. This magazine was very successful. On 16 April 1864 Dostoevskys wife died, on 10th of June 1864 died his nearest friend Apolon Grigoriev. That were the hardest days in his life.

In 1865 Dostoevsky had to stop publishing his magazine because he had 15000 roubles debts(a enormous sum of money for that time). In summer 1865, having solved his economic problems, Dostoevsky went abroad. In november he returned back to St. Petersburg and sold his author right0073 to Stellovsky. At the same time he finished his most famous novel Crime and Punishment. This novel is popular all over the world and it has been translated in many languages. In 1873 D. became editor of the magazine Citizen. In 1876-1878 he published magazine Writers diary.

At 8.38 in the evening on 28th January 1881 D. died.

Dostoevsky is one of the best writers of Russian critical realism of the second part of 19th century.

: 18/12/2007